About Us

Who we are & What we do

Who we Are.

India Valves is a national dedicated forum for Transcatheter valve therapy that focuses on patient awareness, education, physician training and therapy delivery in this niche field of cardiology. Transcatheter valve therapy implies treating heart valve diseases without conventional open surgery.

Our Mission.

The resources available to patients in India is very limited, heterogeneous and sometimes not conducive to the Indian Health care system. Many a times patients get information from various sources and are misinformed about the benefits and risks of Transcatheter Valve Therapy. Transcatheter valve therapy is a growing sub-specialty of cardiology and has been exponentially expanding since the year 2002. Patients who have benefitted from such least invasive valve treatments are enormous in the western world but only a minuscule in India. The reason for this is multi-factorial such as lack of dedicated education and training for physicians to suggest such treatments to patients in need, lack of public information to patients and cost of treatment in India. This forum was created to give as accurate information as possible to patients and health care professionals, on up-to-date information on Transcatheter Valve Therapy in India.

What we Do.

  • Provide accurate information to patients and healthcare professionals
  • Create a national registry of cases which will help advance Valve treatment therapy in India
  • Advance Transcatheter valve therapy in India in a transperant way
  • Provide dedicated teams referred to as India Valves Heart Team to hospitals across the country to deliver such specialist treatments by highly trained specialists in this niche field
  • Run yearly scientific courses to update clinicians about latest advancements in Transcatheter valve therpies
  • Advisory services for patients and hospitals